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Tally T-8 Service Pedestals, The perfect solution for super and mega yachts

bloquesT8 02An elegant and resistant design

Made of anodised marine aluminium, grade 6063

Exceptionally resistant to marine environments, with stainless or inalterable fasteners and accessories.

Components with the highest standards of quality, ensuring the maximum service life of the pedestal with the minimum maintenance.

Very attractive and high quality

With a special stainless steel flange with 8 anchoring points.

Front door
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Water-proof rating IP66.
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With a hydraulic opening/closing system and double lock to limit access to the electrical switch gear. 

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bloquesT8 05CE Certification

Complies with CEI-7.709 regulations regarding distribution panels and electrical sockets in marinas as well as ITC-BT-42 low voltage regulations. 

Up to 600A

The supply solution for Megayachts.
Admits single-line sockets up to 600A and water taps up to 1".

Technical data

Height: 1,450 mm. mm.
Width: 500 mm. x depth 260 mm.
Weight:From 65 Kg. (Depending on the model)

Light with two 18W low consumption lamps

bloquesT8 06Quality in every detail...

Options: Customisation with the port’s logo, preparation for TV, Data, Telephone connections, Cable holder, Hose support, water taps with quick connector (Press-Block, Non-Drip,...)

bloquesT8 07For the hose/water supply support, Tally also offers its stylised Water Hose Stand, available with or without water taps.

3 solutions for consumption control:

Electricity and/or water consumption meters.
TallyCard+ system prepaid card/identification.
TallyBee system for centralised reading of consumption by radio.
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